A man named Jon Young was an apprentice to a deep nature connection mentor, Tom Brown, who was in turn, an apprentice to a Lipan Apache scout and shaman, Grandfather Stalking Wolf. As an adult Jon went on to be an anthropologist. He travelled far and wide to explore what it was that certain intact, earth-based cultures have in common. Jon’s observations of indigenous people revealed that the patterns occurring within their lives indicate healthy, connected and intact cultures. He noticed that they all had certain things in common and one of the most prevalent factors is nature connection. They also share practices of connective greeting customs, gratitude, mentoring, catching each others stories, deep listening, grief tending, rites of passage and many other things that support healthy cultures and connective ways of being.

These observations led to the creation of the 8 Shields map that essentially make these practices and ways of being more accessible to the modern human.

I am involved with this movement here in the UK at a regional and national level as a Village Builder, or Cultural Mentor. I also organise and facilitate 8 Shields programs in the UK and abroad.

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