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Spring Solo Quest

May 25 @ 2:00 pm - June 3 @ 4:00 pm


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Also known as a Vision Quest, this ancient 4 day ceremony with the land, with yourself and with Mystery offers a potential rite of initiation, a journey to the underworld to uncover what is uniquely yours as a gift to yourself and to the earth community. This deep process is in itself an offering to Life.

Through fasting, self generated ceremony and direct contact with the other-than-human world, including the wild elements, lies the opportunity for healing, maturation and deeper meaning.  This ceremony is held as a death process ~ a soul descent that creates the conditions for the initiate to die to the familiar ways of inhabiting the world and to be ‘undone’ in a held, safe and potent way that supports you to find ‘what is hidden as a gift to others’.

Are you feeling called to this marking ceremony?  What are you ready to say ‘yes’ to?

Please note an application process in necessary.

Contact me to find out more………..

Joining me as co-guide on this quest is Oliver Bettany. 

Oliver is a counsellor, ecotherapist, men’s worker and guide who has been engaged in a deep spiritual enquiry since his childhood in a repressive, religious home. He is committed to supporting himself and others to navigate the difficult terrain that lies between regenerative culture and mainstream culture. He strives to create inclusive pathways for those in the mainstream to find their way into more soulful rivers and encounters with the deep oceans of their wholeness.

He believes that this journey towards wholeness is about finding our own unique ways to cultivate the wisdom in our bodies so that we can begin to feel in our hearts, guts, muscles and bones the way the Earth calls us and claims us and desires to bring us into a deeper relationship with it’s profound mystery and with the tremendous grief and joy of being fully human.

Oliver is a co-founder of the men’s group Silvatici (“The Men of the Woods”) where his work alongside other men to recover a sense of healthy masculinity provides immense challenges and insights into the ways our culture conditions men to abandon their primordial wildness, emotionality and freedom to be themselves.

His passions for ecology, regenerative culture, cooperation and food combine in his work with the Ecological Land Coop developing agroecological small-scale farms in communities in the south of England and Wales.

He lives in Brighton, on the edge of the South Downs and the sea.



Start: May 25 @ 2:00 pm
End: June 3 @ 4:00 pm
Cost: £700.00


Venue Name: Dartmoor