As a culture we have lost the ability to grieve well, or to grieve in any way at all.

Our conditioning has told us that we ‘just have to get on with it’ as if nothing has really happened. We keep busy to avoid the pain, or we numb out by drinking alcohol, watching tv or taking drugs, to name a few. This is a version of our taming, and an example of a dysfunctional way of being human. Neither have we learnt to talk about grief, to give it a name, to acknowledge it.

Many earth-based cultures have realised the importance of grieving so that we don’t hold the pain in our bodies and so that it doesn’t manifest in harmful, destructive ways. When grief isn’t tended to we can become depressed, we may not find our joy and it may come out as anger.

I am learning to grieve and I have wish to support others to learn this skill also. I hold community ceremonies as well as on a one-to-one basis, in a simple, present way. Please feel free to contact me if you or your community have a need to be supported in this way.

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