I work as a Guide, Facilitator and Ceremonialist of Nature~based Wisdom, Cultural Healing and Soul Initiation.  I’m a Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide and Cultural Mentor supporting people to re~member Wholeness as part of the collective initiation I believe is needed at this time and as part of the journey towards knowing our belonging to the earth and the earth community.

I am also a qualified and experienced Yoga teacher, Meditation Instructor and Somatic Movement facilitator. My encounters with the other-than-human world and tracking the journey of soul inspire me to write creatively.  I have trained in the ways of Apache Scout and Shaman, Grandfather Stalking Wolf, and I’m involved with the 8 Shields UK as a Village Builder, organising and facilitating 8 Shields programs.

I believe in the power of ceremony, community and sitting in circle for deep healing and authentic connection. My passion is in  re~membering Wholeness and finding creative ways to explore that. My joy is in tending the hearth, the garden, being with the birds. the land and spending time nurturing deeply fulfilling friendships.