I work as a nature~based Soul Guide and Human Development Mentor and I’m currently training with the Animas Valley Institute in the Wild Mind nature-based map of the psyche, which I use in my work.  I’m also a Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide, having trained with the School of Lost Borders, and I’m passionate about cultural healing practices that support people to re~member Wholeness as part of the collective initiation I believe is needed at this time and as part of the journey towards knowing our belonging to the earth and the earth community.

I am also a qualified and experienced Yoga teacher, Meditation Instructor and Somatic Movement Educator, having trained with the School for Body-Mind Centering. I have an ongoing fascination with the body and the wisdom and healing found there.  I’m involved with the 8 Shields UK, organising and facilitating 8 Shields programs, whose lineage is Grandfather Stalking Wolf, an Apache Scout and Shaman whose practices I trained in some years ago.

I’m excited about co-creating reciprocity with both humans and other-than-humans to bring us all back into a deeper, more connective relationship with each other.  I see the need for us humans to re~member ourselves as part of nature and belonging to the earth as an imperative for the collective evolutionary shift that I believe this moment is asking of us.  My encounters with the other-than-human world and tracking the soul’s journey inspire me to write creatively and be in self generated ceremony with the land and Mystery.  I believe in the power of ceremony, community and sitting in circle for deep healing and authentic connection and I find great satisfaction in tending the ‘village hearth’, the garden, being with the birds. the land and spending time nurturing deeply fulfilling friendships.