Belonging is Healing

There is a fundamental aspect of being fully alive that many of us do not experience – knowing our belonging. This is so intrinsic to our Wholeness and our sense of Home here on this earth and yet most of us do not feel this in our being, or know it as part of our existence. We have become so disconnected from nature, so caught up in our endless lists in order that we can simply survive in a world that is not supporting us to thrive – only to survive. It is also the case for many of us that due to our upbringing, our social circumstances and conditions we have never had any sense of connection with the natural world.

What happened? How did we fall from the intimate and deep connection we have always had with our beloved earth that is in our DNA? I could put it down to many things, things that began a very long time ago, and I can also point to the Industrial Revolution that began here in the UK in the 18th century. These facts don’t really matter. What really matters is that we begin to find our way back to our experience of being deeply and authentically part of the natural cycles of life and reclaim our innate connection to earth. Some indigenous people of North America who still live closely to the earth call this our ‘Original Instruction’ and they see that we have lost this.

I would like to offer that there are many antidotes and I will be writing about just one of them here.  Nature connection practices, or just spending time in nature regularly and in a connective way, are two ways. Another way (and it doesn’t need to be an ‘either/or’) is to bring ceremony into the mix. One ceremony I find very powerful – for myself and for others – is called a Vision Quest. These can also be called Vision Fasts (for they usually, though not always, involve not eating). I will sometimes call them Healing Quests. This last name is my favourite. It is not always the case that a vision is experienced, nor indeed needed. This may not be the intention but there is pretty much always healing of some degree that takes place during these ceremonies. This is mainly because there is an intimacy with ones surroundings in the natural world (for this is where they take place), where we are left to simply be with Her (I refer to earth and nature as female entities) alone, with intention and without distractions. We are stripped of things to do, the endless lists and we therefore have the chance to come to know Her as Home, for this is what She is during this time. This ceremony is about leaving the home that we are familiar with in our daily lives, it is about leaving that physical place and it is also about leaving our friends and families for a short while to find our true sense of Home – inside and also outside ourselves. The result is that something profound often takes place where we come to know Her, the Earth, as Home, for all of time, as human, embodied ‘middle world’ beings (as opposed to the upper realms of spirit or the underworld realm of psyche).

A few of my friends who have done this ceremony have followed on to have Homecoming ceremonies where friends and family are invited to come and welcome them in their returning to the ‘village’ and to hear their stories. You see, there is a two-fold meaning to this part of the process; Coming home to our people is part of the process of coming home to ourselves, our bodies, and as important as coming home to our place on this earth. After my own Homecoming I experienced this very thing.  I hadn’t known it was missing until the ceremony had taken place.

Reconnecting with this sense of Home and belonging is so healing and so needed at this time. Without this fundamental knowing we are, as a species, denying possibly the most valuable gift available to us and claiming this, I believe, holds the key to our survival on this earth, at this time.

I am offering a Vision/Healing Quest on Dartmoor this year: June 11 – 20.

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