I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. It is my medium for expressing the soul and it’s stirrings. It is from my conversations and encounters with the other-than-human realm and nature and my inner tracking of how it is to be human that I am inspired to write.

Poetry is the language of the soul and, for me, is the most effective way of coming to that place inside myself. Many a time I have been moved to tears by the words of a poem that someone else has written and they have often been a catalyst for insights and shifts in my life. May it always be so.

Sometimes I offer poetry reading and music events, and always I offer the 3 books with most of my work to-date. These are self-published and were created in this order: Wildness & Womb; Still Wild; This Sacred Hunt.

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these books please do contact me and I can give you the relevant details. I offer them on a suggested donation-basis.

A few poems for you to enjoy ~

All that Matters

All that matters is this communion.

All that matters is our souls meeting
in the sacred space between us.

When my mind and your mind
are fixed on some other agenda
we will lose out on
the greatest gift there is.

When you forget that you are whole,
cross the bridge anyway,
and I will meet you in the middle and say,
“Here is Wholeness”
and we will be that wholeness together.

All that matters is this communion.

From Still Wild

Mud & Leaves

My eyes are like fire ~
can you see them ?
I’m like a wild animal
in your living room,
bringing the mud and leaves
back home.
You’ve forgotten how much
you need them.
The smell of wood smoke
on my skin
sends a shiver of ancestral remembrance
through your homesick body.

I’m stalking the shadows of consciousness;
I don’t care for the interference of story
on what is filling this moment
with the purity
of an untamed mind.

If you’re opting out,
if you’re only offering me
the superficial landscape of your soul,
I will feel it in my animal cells.
I will sniff it out like a blind,
yet highly sensitized creature
and howl you back
to the life you secretly long for,
the life you betrayed
in the distant years
of your remembering.

From This Sacred Hunt

Like This

I want to walk into the next life with my hands free,
carrying nothing extra;
like this.

I want to walk through those realms
without the weight of ancestral grief on my back,
the knots of fear from being abandoned in my belly,
or the ache of sadness from feeling alone in my heart.

I want this soul to go on
unburdened, unmasked, disarmed, healed.

I want to be brave enough to write the next line of this poem.
I want to be able to look at the transparent souls of my grandchildren
and smile,
because I know I did my very best;
like this.

From Wildness & Womb