Our ancestors lived and breathed in nature all their lives. They had an understanding and a connection with the natural world that was necessary to survival. They knew no other way. Yet in our highly developed and technological world today we have, as a race, become disconnected from nature. We have become tame, dissociated, and sometimes even, afraid of it.

There is a longing that many people have to return to the wild, to experience themselves once again as part of the landscape, not separate from it. There are a handful of earth-based people who still do this, but not many.

I recognised this longing in me many years ago and began to spend long periods of time in wild places alone and then later as part of community. I also learnt skills such as sensory and expanding awareness, natural movement and animal forms. The core routines of nature connection such as fox walking and wide-angle vision are wonderful ways to bring us back into presence, our bodies and a deeper level of connection.

As my wish to deepen the connection and intimacy with nature and the other-than-human realm became stronger I began developing ways of being in conversation with that aspect of existence. Shamanic practices and subtle energy work began to reveal that this way of being is innate in all of us and support the experience of non-separation. A deep level of listening and receptivity can be developed by working in this way that manifests in the way we inter-relate and support sensitivity and presence.

I offer these practices as a way to support people to reconnect with themselves as natural beings, and as part of all of life.

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