I offer one-to-one sessions on Dartmoor or over the phone/on Zoom. These vary, depending on individual needs and what we both feel is supportive to your process but are normally an hour to an hour and half.

I am mainly working with a nature-based map of the psyche, called Wild Mind, developed by Bill Plotkin and originally brought through from indigenous people of Mexico and then into the U.S with the overlay of a Jungian perspective brought in by Plotkin.  This map reflects the cycles, or stages, of our lives and the cycles of the year as well aspects of the psyche that each of us have.  I support people to resource themselves through the ‘facets of wholeness’ in the 4 directions of the map which then allows a deepening exploration into and self-healing of the ‘fragmented’ parts of ourselves that need to be brought in so that we can live as authentic and full versions of ourselves.

For a more soul-rooted focus, you can expect deep imagination practices, working with dreams through enactment and also many different invitations based on the raw material that you show up with!

My approach invites an embodied perspective, having worked with body-informed practices for many years.  I also draw on years of meditation as well as other tools that I’ve been lucky enough to learn along the way!  For the wide variety of practices that may best suit your needs please see the ‘What I Offer’ menu.

For the in-person session they will usually happen both inside and outside.  Most of the work happens as solo pieces out on the land as I support people in self-generated ceremony and processes depending on what they are with.  I also offer listening and helpful reflections to support deeper understanding and meaning for your individual journey.

Please contact me if you’d like to chat about working with me and for my fees.

I look forward to connecting with you.