The Way of Council can be used in many different ways, ie, for sharing stories in order to find a deeper meaning, for grief to be witnessed, for the purpose of clearing or for coming to a decision. It is an ancient practice of sitting in circle and using a talking piece to listen and speak from the heart. It has 5 sacred agreements that create a safe container and from this container can arise deeper, more honest and compassionate communication. I believe it has the capacity for healing to happen and for greater understanding to take place.
It is because of the many earth-based people of the world, particularly the native American people, that have continued to sit in circle for their own connections that we have an innate calling to also be in circle with each other in a way that matters. For this, I give thanks. I also wish to acknowledge those who made it more accessible to the West, such as Joan Halifax, Jack Zimmerman and Gigi Coyle.

The 5 Agreements of Council are ~

  • Listen from the Heart
  • Share from the Heart
  • Be lean of word – try not to proliferate/speaking for the highest good
  • Be spontaneous – try not to plan what you’re going to say
  • Confidentiality – what is shared in the circle, stays in the circle

The agreements create a safe space as does the talking piece. When we are holding the talking piece we know that we will not be interrupted, that we can be in silence, shed tears, or sing and that this will be listened to and witnessed by others in the circle. Everything is welcome.

Contact me if either you and/or your community require support in this way