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There is a longing in me

that I am willing to bear

for the rest of my life...

~ Rebecca Card


Do you love yourself enough

to listen with the ears of your heart

to the other voices of yourself speaking?

~ Beno Kennedy


If what tree or bush does is lost on you, you are surely lost.

Stand still.

The forest knows where you are.

You must let it find you.

~ David Wagoner


Either you will go through this door

or you will not go through

If you go through there is always the risk

of remembering your name.

~ Adrienne Rich

If you go through there is always the risk

Welcome to Nature Wisdom.

As someone deeply immersed in soul tracking, who is continuously humbled by nature, I have a wish to offer a range of practices and ways of working that support cultural healing as well as individual, soul-based initiation. This work is rooted in the earth and held by the land. Nature and Mystery are the container.

My name is Rebecca and I wholeheartedly invite you on a pilgrimage of the soul to find home. My experience tells me the soul’s home is in wild nature and its longing is to re-kindle this innate connection.  This work is about stoking the ancestral fires in order to uncover the lost parts of ourselves. Take my hand, we’ll journey together…….

In the becoming of ourselves
a certain path asks to be trodden.
A certain hand reaches out for itself
and gently leads you
into the terrifying landscape
of your unmet dreams.

In the mist of that pre-dawn realisation
the lonely stag of your longing
meets you and barks
that primal manifesto encrypted
in your ancestral memory.
Deeply real, unmistakably fierce,
and irrevocably accountable to.

~ R J Card