This page is a resource for books, poetry and other resources that inspire me, my work and the way I live my life.  I offer them to you with the intention that you might find them in some way moving, stirring and also inspiring ~

  • Soulcraft ~ Bill Plotkin
  • Wild Mind ~Bill Plotkin
  • Nature & the Human Soul ~ Bill Plotkin
  • The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic ~ Martin Prechtel
  • Braiding Sweetgrass ~ Robin Wall Kimmerer
  • The Four Shields: The Initiatory Seasons of Human Nature ~ Steven Foster and Meredith Little
  • Grandfather ~ Tom Brown Jr
  • Coyotes Guide to Connecting with Nature ~ Jon Young, Ellen Haas, Eva McGown
  • Coming Back to Life: Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World ~ Joanna Macy & Molly Young Brown
  • Widening Circles ~ Joanna Macy
  • The Wild Edge of Sorrow ~ Francis Weller
  • Long Life Honey in the Heart ~ Martin Prechtel
  • The Smell of Rain on Dust, Grief & Praise ~ Martin Prechtel
  • Bone, Dying into Life ~ Marion Woodman
  • Women Who Run with the Wolves ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  • Audios by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, in particular, Theatre of the Imagination
  • If Women Rose Rooted ~ Sharon Blackie
  • Soil & Soul ~ Alistair Mackenzie
  • Spell of the Sensuous ~ David Abram
  • The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible ~ Charles Eisenstein
  • Waking The Tiger: Healing Trauma ~ Peter Levine
  • The Body Keeps the Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma ~ Bessel Van Der Kolk
  • My Grandmother’s Hands ~ Rezmaa Menakem
  • Poetry by David Whyte, Mary Oliver, Rainer Maria Rilke, William Stafford and so many more…

Links to sites of organizations that inspire and support me ~

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Brightsky Community:

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Women! Enjoy reading an article I wrote in Aeva magazine a couple of years back.  It’s called, The Descent of the Soul & The Deep Feminine

Listen to this conversation with Krish Surroy from Sacred Wild Podcasts.  We discuss the importance of initiated, mature adults at this time as well as knowing all of our place’s here on earth matter.  Enjoy!

Read an interview on grief for the Brightsky Community.

Here is an audio recording of me speaking about Transitional Rites on an 8 Shields monthly call: