I graduated as a Yoga teacher in 2002 and went on to train with the School for Body-Mind Centering (BMC) as a Somatic Movement Educator. I found that I was naturally teaching Somatic Yoga, as well as the BMC experiential anatomy.

Somatic means the body as seen through the self, or awareness. It is a way of being that means we bring awareness to the body, whether it is moving or not, and we offer another way of being with it, either through touch or movement, that offers a new pattern and a sense of wholeness to our experience.

With my keen interest and connection with nature I often work one-to-one with people out in nature, combining the somatic work with shamanic healing practices. As my journey with nature connection has deepened I have developed the core routines together with sensory and expanding awareness. I now teach all of this from an embodied perspective, developing a way of moving naturally through the landscape, or anywhere!

My journey with natural movement was also informed by working with non-stylised practitioners such as Helen Poynor, Suprapto Suryodarmo and Sandra Reeve doing ‘site specific’ movement, ie, being in a place (usually in nature) and being with others and responding to this through movement.

I offer yoga, somatic movement, nature-based embodiment work and an intuitive, below-the-brain approach to supporting the body to find a less limited, more connective way of being. You can be witnessed in your movement as well as guided through a process. Feedback, mirroring and touch for re-patterning are also offered. This can happen one-to-one or in groups. Contact me for further information.