From the Inside Out ~ Exploring Direct Inner Action as part of the Change needed at this time

It is my belief that grief is part of the healing and maturing we, as a species, need to do in order to be made ready for whatever is next in this immense unfolding called Life. And Life, the conditions within It, the passing of our day to day experience, and the patterns created by changing and extreme weathers and temperatures, are already shifting. I say we need to be made ready from the inside out.

I use this term ‘made ready’ because, it is my experience that grief has a life of it’s own and requires apprenticing to, letting ourselves be led by Her, rather than us saying, ‘ok, I’m going to do grief now’, by rolling up our proverbial sleeves and getting stuck in. No. We need to let her Her in. Let Her happen to us. More than anything, we need to be open and willing to feel. Sometimes, if we haven’t done so, this may mean really feeling our connection to earth and the earth community, really letting that in so that we know we are not in any way separate from any of it. This can be experienced as an eco-awakening – becoming awake to the truth that we are part of all Life and, in particular, to the complex and intricate ecology of life on earth. For example, we cannot leave the other-than-humans behind when we go out on the streets. We are in it together.  When we awake to this truth I don’t think it’s possible to not feel grief. The deep knowing of our interconnection and the gratitude and love that naturally arises from that deep knowing is not separate from the grief of losing it all. It is possible to feel deep gratitude, joy and appreciation for the beauty of it all whilst also feeling the grief. One doesn’t need to exclude the other. It is is important that joy and gratitude continue to be part of our day to day living if they can, and it’s my experience that they only become fully embodied when grief is also given space.

Rebel for LIfe/Solidarity/In It Together by Lucy Hinton

I believe that adapting at a deeper level than we may be familiar is what will support us to be ready for the outer changes that will continue to happen. This deeper level that I refer to is one where we are willing to be vulnerable in our heart-break, to be witnessed in our myriad human emotions and be held lovingly by others in that. It is one thing to grieve behind closed doors, it is another to allow ourselves to be seen in that place.

It is my belief that we need more than just direct outer action for our species and the rest of the earth community to move through what may be ahead. This is not to negate direct action (it is important to bring the wider human community’s awareness to the catastrophe of our time) but to have direct inner action happening as well, where the focus is on the inner realms of the human experience feels. Otherwise, it’s the same story playing itself out. And we know that hasn’t worked – that’s what got us into this mess in the first place.

Emotions need to be felt and moved through in order that we can show up as the best versions of ourselves and so that the direct action out on the streets happens in a clean, conscious and connected way. I see direct action happening already in this way and I will suggest here that a lot of the people doing direct action may not have taken the time to really be undone by the total despair and pain of losing what we love – our blessed earth, and Her community as we know it so far.

I suggest that we need to express anger and despair, for beneath both of these human experiences lies grief. Without grief being expressed we are stuck – stuck in old, heavy patterns that do not serve any living thing. I see and hear anger being expressed but without the grief it doesn’t feel deep enough to make the changes required now.  There can be a numbness in us because it all feels too big, too frightening to turn towards. This is part of the human strategy for keeping us ‘safe’ and a natural occurrence. I have heard people say many times that they fear if the grief is fully felt and expressed ‘it will never stop’. There is a fear that we will lose control. So we keep ourselves ‘safe’.

Strong expressions of our myriad human selves happen in the grief spaces I hold and go to. I believe that finding safe and strong containers for this strength of human experience to be honoured and held respectfully will support this fundamental aspect of our planetary healing to happen.

I would like to suggest that adapting to what is happening (whatever that may be), meeting it face-on, and with the support of folks who have been, or are there now, is exactly how we will journey through this most perilous chapter of earth’s history in a way that will actually make a difference. It’s not the ‘what’, it’s the ‘how’. Carrying on with our inner worlds untransformed whilst trying to change everything on the outside is futile. We’ll end up, as some of us already are, in complex messes of human dysfunction and conflict and getting stuck there. And I don’t believe that’s what the earth needs of us right now.

So, yes, it’s an inside job. It is this internal shift, one that takes immense courage and patience and one that means leaving the comfort zone of ‘business as usual’ – keeping the grief at bay – that is really going to clear the way for any external shifts that are aligned with the sacred law of honoring all Life.

Now, take my hand, together we can do this…………….