Spell Binding ~ Vixen Myth, Part III

I have been working with the vixen skin for almost 3 months now and she is already giving me so much. It is a blessing and a privilege to have this connection. I have skinned, dried, scraped and tanned her skin while her full skeleton lies in the earth. I visit her grave regularly where I sing to over her bones, doing my best to anestralise and honour her. I have collected willow bark, cut it into tiny pieces, boiled it in water 3 times over to create the tanning solution. I am using my hands and body in new (or old) ways and re~membering myself as some new and ancient being.

As I wring out her skin after the final rinse I find 4 whiskers. Once more, I grief her death and the loss of her life on this earth. The letting go is ongoing and strong and part of some bigger transformation. Mine but not just mine.

What, I wondered, are whiskers for? In addition, and as important a question to be asking myself is: what is the gift of these exquisitely delicate pieces of her anatomy for me, as part of my mythos as Red Wolf Re~membering? How am I being asked to show up, with what qualities, gifts, offerings? What am I being asked to apprentice to as part of the deeper soul conversation that life needs me to be in at this time?

What comes to me in my listening so far is this: sensitivity, a level of subtle listening, sensing, feeling. Picking up information that cannot be seen with the eyes, nor heard with the ears. A whisper on the wind, a flicker of the light will tell stories far beyond what my usual senses have to tell me.

The Google search gives me this: The primary function of whiskers is to aid with vision, especially in the dark, by providing additional sensory information — much like antennae on other creatures.

And so, I hold the golden thread and I wind it around the whiskers. I am making a spell, literally spell binding. As I wind the thread I speak softly, invoking all of these qualities, another precious gift of this dear, wild friend that I accept with humility, with reverence, with great respect. I call in the vision for the deep~dark that I am so attuned to and which requires my sensitivity.

I continue being made ready for the magick that’s being asked of me. A spell for me, and not for just me.