The Beauty of the Wound

To add to this last piece on the Sacred Wound ~  it is important, too,
for me to share the experience of the beauty of the wound; the love
of it that I feel because of seeing it’s vulnerability and that, in turn, brings
with it a sense of beauty.

And so, on a deeper level still, I see how
this being different was, up to a certain point in my life,
seen by others as a difficult, even negative thing and certainly so
in the environment in which I grew up.   The Black Sheep, the one
that was different, etc, is not something to hide away in wild places
(disguising it as a strong, self-sufficient, powerful young woman)
and be in a non-trust pattern, but rather something to honour,
celebrate and welcome fully for all the gifts she is able to bring to
the world – whether in the ‘guide’ or ‘facilitator’ role or
not……… Now, thankfully, I see how this being different is not
difficult, or negative, more something to cherish, something that is
positive, and yes, beautiful.


I leave you today with a poem ~


on my way to yes

I bump into

All the places

Where I said no

To my life.

All the unintended wounds

The red and purple scars

Those hieroglyphs of pain

Carved into my skin and bones,

Those coded messages

That sent me down

The wrong street

Again and again.

Where I find them,

The old wounds

The old misdirections,

And lift them

One by one

Close to my heart

And I say





Persha Gerstler