Vixen Soul Stirring

I don’t have much to share apart from this poem. It says everything I need to say right now. It is the sequel to the blog named Being Made Ready that I published on 22nd January.

May your soul be stirred, MoonWise or OtherWise……………….

Vixen Myth, MoonWise

Under a full February moon,
against a black night sky
bursting with stars and planets
a vixen calls across the fields
“It is time!
I am here!
Come! Now!”

I am
stirring your skin -
moonwise -
without thought.
My soul
is being stirred.
The longing in her voice
matches the longing
in my throat.

I am
singing my love to you,
I am singing
to you,
wild one with
I am singing
the songs of this
new myth,
being made
I am listening
without ears
for what this myth
needs to be
and what my part in it
I am singing
and stirring
whilst being stirred
and sung
I am becoming
the longing.

Your kin, the land
holding both of us
as we journey
ever deeper
into the Mystery
of a new and very ancient

Your death
bringing new life,
new skin
that I am being
called to inhabit.
The tales and tails
of our foremothers
all in one moment
beyond time,
beyond space.

Me, both of us,
on this little earth
and belonging
to the entire cosmos.

February 28 – March 3 2021